Panel Admission Criteria

​To apply to EMAC’s panel, EMAC has set out the below criteria for selection:

  1. Applicant must not have been found guilty by any court or tribunal, for misconduct such as fraud, corruption, professional misconduct, and/or any other disciplinary misconduct which may call into question the applicant’s ability to serve on an EMAC panel.
  2. By way of guidance, the following will be considered with respect to the applicant:
    1. How many and in which arbitrations have they sat (whether as sole arbitrator or as multi member tribunal);
    2. The number of commercial arbitral ​awards which they have written (whether as sole arbitrator or as a contributor of an award as a multi member); or
    3. Any other arbitration experience, whether as party counsel or otherwise.
  3. EMAC reserves the right, in its absolute discretion to admit or refuse the admission of any person to the panel.

The above criteria apply to mediators and experts as it would apply to them.​