Benefits and Fees

  1. Benefits of Membership
  2. As a member of EMAC, you will be able to enjoy the following advantages:​

    1. Special​ discount at EMAC's conferences, workshops and other capacity building programs
    2. Listed in the members' directory
    3. An opportunity to increase your understanding of intricate maritime dispute affairs
    4. Network with sector professionals
    5. Play a role in developing maritime arbitration

  3. Annual Subscription
    1. Individu​al members - US$ 100
    2. (Upon application and/or sele​ction as an arbitrator, mediator or expert on an EMAC panel, such arbitrator, mediator and
      expert is provided with an automatic membership.)

    3. Corporate membership
    4. (Corporate membership covers up to three membership subscriptions from the corporate member's officers.
      The corporate membership may be expanded to include additional corp​orate members at an extra cost)

      1. Corporate membe​rship - US$ 200
      2. Additional corporate member - US$ 50​​​​​​