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Owing to the growing maritime activity in the region, the enthusiasm of those involved and the belief in the efficiency of arbitration, the Dubai government has initiated the establishment of Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (EMAC). In keeping with international standards and regulations, the centre aims to provide the finest maritime arbitration services. 

The center’s role includes the supervision of the processes of mediation and arbitration in accordance with the ​regulations instated. EMAC offers a hybrid-form, ad hoc arbitration with a light-touch case management and regulations that allow for emergency arbitration and fast-tracking. The centre enjoys financial and administrative independence, in order to provide its services with full transparency and impartiality.​

EMAC rules

EMAC has issued its own set of Arbitration and Mediation Rules. Please click on the relevant link below.

Arbitrators For a list of arbitrators, please click here.
Mediators For a list of mediators, please click here.
Experts For a list of experts, please click here.
Criteria To view the criteria to become part of EMAC’s Panel please click here.
Apply Now
Apply Now To apply to become on EMAC panel please click here.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of EMAC, you will be able to enjoy the following advantages:​
  1. Special discount at EMAC's conferences, workshops and other capacity building programs
  2. Listed in the members' directory​
  3. An opportunity to increase your underst​​anding of intricate maritime dispute affairs
  4. Network with sector professionals
  5. Play a role in developing maritime arbitration

Please click here​  to apply for membership or download the pdf.​​​​