Board Of Trustees Details

  • Saeed Al Malik
    Saeed Al Malikfounding member of UAE National Ship Supplier Association (UNSSA)


    Saeed Al Malik began his career as a credit officer in the Commercial Bank of Dubai, before moving to Citibank, where he was quickly promoted to Manager then a Credit Committee Member. He established his own business, Middle East Ship-Stores, in 1993. Within a short time, the company established itself as a major ship supplier for vessels calling at UAE Ports, and extended its services to other major GCC ports. In 2000, the company merged with Fuji Group, fulfilling the need for regional ship owners to extend the services of Middle East Ship-Stores beyond the GCC. With a 49% stake in the company transferred to Fuji, the company name subsequently changed to Middle East Fuji LLC. Since then, Mr Malik has been actively involved in the business, as the President and Chairman of Middle East Fuji Group of companies in the UAE and GCC. He was also the Chairman of Nakilat Fuji LLC (a joint venture with Qatar Gas Transportation Company Ltd). Mr Malik is the founding member and President of the UAE National Ship Supplier Association (UNSSA). He is also a Board Member of the International Ship Supplier Association (ISSA). He was was first elected onto the ISSA Assembly to the Executive Committee of ISSA as an Executive Vice President in 2010, and has remained a member of the Council since then. He is also a member of the Dubai Maritime Advisory Council, which was established in 2015. Mr Malik graduated in Business Administration from the Loma Linda University in Riverside California, United States in 1988.